It has been a privilege to have been able to serve as your Mayor since 2013.  During this time we have made significant progress on a new direction for the former Westminster Mall site.  From the days of no activity on the site to the start of construction on the roadways and utility systems that we see today. Along with that we have the greatest amount of interest in the site that we have ever seen before this year. 

In the middle of 2016 we will open the first of our commuter rail stations at 71st & Irving.  This will be the start of what we will eventually have as three stations in Westminster.  We as a City are working with RTD and others now to make sure we get to the second location at 88th & Harlan which will be adjacent to the new Westminster Center and downtown area.  When the Westminster station at 71st opens you will be able to travel from Westminster to Denver Union Station in under 15 minutes.

As your Mayor I will continue to work with the Council and our many regional partners to see that Westminster stays on an economic path to become the next regional center in the Denver Metro area.  Through the many relationships that have been formed during my term as Mayor we must continue to work with these partners to ensure the economic vitality of our city.

Infrastructure will continue to be a priority as well as redevelopment in the future.  We must continue to invest in an aging utility system to ensure that services such and sewer and water are available to all of our citizens when they need them.  We have to look at the growth being experienced throughout the metro area and make sure that Westminster is not left wanting because we did not look to the future.

Emergency services are extremely important and we must always maintain strong Police and Fire Departments to ensure adequate response times and trained and capable personnel are available.  Our employee base must be maintained with capable and trained personnel and they must receive the support of the City Council to be sure this happens.

Please have a look around my website and contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you!


Herb Atchison